Scope of work
   Mechanical Engineering
   Power Stations and
 Chemical Plants
   Vessels, Apparatus and
 Heat Exchanger
   Tanks and Silos
   Civil and Constructional
   Finite Element Analysis


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Scope of work

Structure-mechanical calculations will be professionally accomplished by us under the consideration of all needed aspects of the appropriate authorizing agencies. The following will give an overview of the range that we cover:

- Mechanical engineering
- Power stations and the chemical industry
- Vessels, Apparatus and Heat Exchangers
- Pipings
- Tanks and Silos
- Steel Constructions and Buildings
- Finite-Element Analysis

It is our strength to seize and evaluate the influences and dependences of each individual component of a chemical plant - existing of steel structure, vessels, apparatuses and pipings - in their effect on the overall system. Therefore we are able to apply an optimal use of possible synergies.
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